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Welcome, fellow mortals.. Glad to see my page took some interest into you.
This is a page dedicated to the very small things that make me human and to the inner visuals of my mind that a number of talented people have offered us.
Here you will see: Dark n' Spooky content.
Plenty of somber imagery that I salivate over.
Medieval fantasy and nerd-ish content that I care about.
And let's not forget the music I appreciate. I love the heavy stuff, but I love the mellow ambience just as much.
No elitism. Intelligence prevails here.
I can be somewhat of a reclusive person, but not the case if some of you would like to get to know me.
Please do!
It's time to open the rusty iron gate!


1985. The Return of the Darkness and Evil



Lost Memories: The Art & Music of Silent Hill

Masahiro Ito . Takashi Ito . Akira Yamaoka